Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Brother Make Last Typewriter in UK

Last UK-Made Typewriter

A factory that made Brother typewriters has rolled the last product off their production line in the UK.

No other manufacturers of typewriters make their machines in this country now.

It is a sad era for those who love the typewriter.

It was not long ago when the last ever mechanical typewriter was made. Some manufacturers continued to make electronic typewriters.

Although Brother are still making electronic typewriters in Asia, it appears that very soon it could be the end of the line for this product altogether as many other companies have pulled out of the sector including Sharp and Canon. It remains unclear if Brother will sell the Asian made machines in the UK. Currently, they mainly sell to the American market.

Low Demand

The blame for the closure of this production line is due to low demand of the products. With desktop, laptop and now tablet computers available at low cost, typewriters have become a rare way to print text to paper.


PC Ink currently have two Brother models available for sale on our website. If you know someone who likes their typewriter, now might be the time to upgrade before stock runs low. This is especially true if you (or they) use a Sharp Fontwriter or Canon Starwriter typewriter since ribbons are no longer available for these relatively common machines.

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